Fall Fundraising Forums: Forming a Catholic Legacy Society chapter in your parish

November 19, 2009

Planned Giving, Seminars

Did your parish get its share of the more than $3 million in bequests that have come to parishes this year?

Through the end of October, 62 parishes have shared over $3 million in bequests. 

The Planned Giving Fall Fundraising Forum was developed to address two points:

  • why we think planned giving is so important that most – if not all – parishes should be doing it – because of both financial and spiritual reasons, and
  • to equip participants to leave the presentation ready to start – or beef up – their own planned giving programs.

How to (and Why) Make Planned Giving Happen in Your Parish by Richard Ely, Director of Gift Planning and Stewardship, is the presentation given during the Forum.  It has both the financial information and the spiritual ideas to educate parish leaders about planned giving and motivate them to include planned giving as a part of parish life.

Parish Manual for Promoting Planned Gifts is the manual developed to give your parish the tools you need to establish a successful planned giving program.  Included are sample bulletin announcements and inserts, as well as a detailed overview of the spirituality associated with planned giving.

The Manual has a range of activities to allow you to be as high-powered or as easy-going as you feel is appropriate for your parish and its people.

To view How to (and Why) Make Planned Giving Happen in Your Parish, please CLICK HERE.

To view the Parish Manual for Promoting Planned Gifts, please CLICK HERE.

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