Some Dioceses/Parishes seeing increased contributions despite economy

August 4, 2009

General, Stewardship

Catholics individually and as a community have always stepped up in tough times to support those in need and to further the mission of the Church. We are seeing that occur again this year in what many in government call the toughest economy since the Great Depression.

The article linked below by the Associated Press (“Catholic officials: tough times boost fundraising”) highlights some of these recent results.

A key point is that Church leaders in all of these situations invite their parishioners, because of the tough times, to give and/or give more. More people are needy and those that want to give can’t (or can’t give as much).

Parishes that suffer greatly in a bad economy often have leaders that believe that they shouldn’t ask folks for increased support because of the tough economy so they never invite increased generosity.

We think that times like these are great opportunities to restate the mission of the Church and its ministries that reach out to care for so many spiritually and materially. We encourage you to invite everyone to give according to their means and to ask folks to reflect on whether there is some regular expense (i.e. premium cable, coffees out each day, etc.) that they’d be willing to sacrifice so that they can increase their support of the Church and all those it serves.

The act of giving/sacrificing can deepen one’s relationship with Christ, the Church and with others – whether the gift is large in material terms or the widow’s mite. It’s important that we regularly give parishioners that opportunity to reflect on their blessings from God and how they may feel called to return them to God through sharing them with others through the Church.

Please click HERE for the AP article.

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