Best Practices in Parish Offertory Envelopes

July 22, 2009

Special Collections

In conjunction with the release of the 2010 Special Collections calendar, The Catholic Foundation has put together a useful tool for parishes hoping to maximize the effectiveness of their offertory envelope systems.

Below is a summary of best practices associated with offertory envelopes:

Summary of Best Practice Suggestions

  1. Update the gift levels on your offertory envelopes
  2. Choose to mail your envelopes monthly to your parishioners
  3. Add a box “I give electronically” to the envelope
  4. Make it easy for parishioners to mail in envelopes even when they aren’t able to attend Mass at your parish
  5. Place “pew envelopes” in each pew (or in the back)
  6. Insert stewardship pamphlets or parish announcements in your mailing envelopes (you are already paying the postage!)
  7. Make children’s stewardship envelopes available in your parish.

For more details on each suggestion, please click the following link:

Offertory Envelope Best Practices

Also, some offertory envelope providers have far greater capabilities than others. If you’re not sure your offertory envelope provider is the very best for your parish, please contact us in The Catholic Foundation. We’d be happy to share with you the results of our research.

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