List of Parish Bulletin Providers

Parish Bulletins have the potential to be the Church’s #1 communications tool because they are picked up and read by all mass attending Catholics. This far surpasses the current reach of The Pilot, CatholicTV,, and other communication tools of the Archdiocese.

Like offertory envelopes, Parish Bulletins have often been thought of as commodities with very basic layouts and information provided. However, recently bulletins have been evolving quickly to include color, images, additional pages, and easy insertion of posters/brochures/letters, etc.

It is clear that there is a wide difference in the quality of the bulletins. Service levels and pricing can also vary between firms.

Recommended Best Practices

1. Ensure your bulletin contract does not have an automatic renewal provision. If it does, we recommend you cancel the contract effective on the end date. The automatic renewal (for long terms) has no benefit to the parish and ties the hands of future pastors.

2. Before signing a long-term agreement with a bulletin provider in exchange for some goods now, compare with the offers of all the other firms. Nearly all providers offer something “free” for a long-term contract. However, nothing is ever “free” so ensure that the total agreement is the best for your parish. Compare on the following dimensions:

     a. Upfront cost to the parish (many are free)

     b. Advertising share percentage with the parish (percent or flat fee)

     c. Color/non-color

     d. Cover quality/flexibility

     e. Content Flexibility / number of pages

     f. Free goods and services (computers, software, envelope, etc.)

     g. Any burdensome contract terms? (Length of agreement, auto-renews, long cancellation periods)

     h. Submission & delivery timing

     i. Overall service levels

3. Shorter contracts are better than longer-term contracts for the parish – Bulletins as a communication tool are evolving. You want to have the flexibility to “upgrade” to allow the bulletin to better serve your parish.

List of Bulletin Firms

  • Note 1: These are the providers that our office is aware of. This is not necessary an “approved” provider list as we are currently researching each of the firms.
  • Note 2: Parish Bulletin providers have the differing product quality, service level, pricing & “free” goods. So we encourage you to compare and choose the best package that works for your parish.
  • Note 3: If you’re not sure your parish bulletin provider is the very best for your parish, please contact us in The Catholic Foundation. We’d be happy to share with you the results of our research.

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