List of Offertory Envelope Providers

Offertory Envelopes are a critical tool in encouraging regular and consistent generosity of parishioners to support the Mission of the Church at the parish level.

Often offertory envelopes can be considered a “commodity” and not given much thought. However, there are a number of best practices that we encourage parishes to reflect on when the beginning planning for the next year’s offertory envelopes.

List of Offertory Envelope Providers

  • Note 1: These are the providers that our office is aware of. This is not necessary an “approved” provider list as we are currently researching each of the firms.
  • Note 2: Offertory envelope providers have the differing product quality, service level & pricing. So we encourage you to compare and choose the best package that works for your parish.
  • Note 3: If you’re not sure your offertory envelope provider is the very best for your parish, please contact us at The Catholic Foundation. We’d be happy to share with you the results of our research.

Providers with Websites

Providers without Websites

  • Zartarian (508-270-3033)

Offertory Envelope Best Practices

1. Update the gift levels on your offertory envelopes

  • Include a $100 option on the top end (equates to $5,000/year)
  • Eliminate all gift options <$10/week.
  • Recommended gift options:

Weekly Offertory

Christmas & Easter Collections (Clergy Fund)

  • ____ (Open box)
  • $100
  • $75
  • $50
  • $25
  • $20
  • $15
  • $10
  • ____ (Open box)
  • $250
  • $200
  • $150
  • $100
  • $50
  • $30
  • $20


2. Choose to mail your envelopes monthly to your parishioners

  • Data shows clearly that giving to the parish is highest with the monthly mailing of envelopes.
  • Next highest is every other month, then quarterly, then annual boxes, then stock sets.
  • The costs are slightly higher with this choice, but the return on investment is well worth it.

3. Add a box “I give electronically” to the envelope

  • This promotes electronic giving (a much more stable/consistent and usually generous form of support)
  • This allows families that give electronically to have something to place in the offertory basket.
  • Please contact the Development Office at 617-779-3700 for information about electronic giving.

4. Encourage parishioners to mail in envelopes even when they aren’t able to attend Mass at your parish

  • Add a line to the envelope “Your consistent support of our parish is critical. Please mail your offertory envelope to the Rectory if you are away.”
  • Add “mail back envelopes” to your envelope packet (may increase cost, but it is worth it)

5. Place “pew envelopes” in each pew (or in the back)

  • This allows parishioners that have forgotten their envelope to still have their gift counted.
  • This gives visitors a chance to be counted.
  • This allows people to let you know they’d like to sign up for envelopes or electronic offertory.
  • This communicates a welcoming environment in your parish.

6. Insert stewardship pamphlets or parish announcements in your mailing envelopes.

  • You are already paying for the postage.
  • Leading offertory envelope providers are happy to provide this service.

7. Make children’s stewardship envelopes available in your parish.

  • Help Catholic children offer their good deeds and part of their allowance to the Church.
  • Teach children good stewardship and reinforce good stewardship of the Adults in the parish.


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