Clergy Fund Report Released

June 29, 2009

Clergy Fund

The Archdiocese of Boston today released a study of the Clergy Retirement and Health Care Funds. Stabilizing these funds is one of the Archdiocese’s top priorities.

Significant effort and consultation has been done over the past several months with priests to create a way to increase revenue and decrease costs, in order to close the large annual operating deficit of the Funds.

Regarding Fundraising activity, the Clergy Fund Stabilization Plan calls for:

  • Growth in the Christmas and Easter Collections (the Easter collection grew 8% in 2009)
  • Addition of a 2nd collection in June for Clergy Retirement (this collection exceeded expectations in 2009 by 50%!)
  • Launch of a Priest Appreciation Dinner with the proceeds going to the Clergy Funds. This dinner will be held on September 16, 2009 at the Seaport World Trade Center. (For more information, please call Sarah at 617-779-3789).
  • A solicitation to all Catholic households in December as part of the Cardinal’s Christmas Campaign.

More information about Clergy Fund fundraising will be provided on as it becomes available.

Information about the Clergy Fund Report:

· Press Release

· 52-page report by Alexander, Aronson and Finning (AAF)

· Story in The Pilot

· Story in The Boston Globe


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