Fall Fundraising Forums: Developing Great Parishes

On January 15, Tom Sonni described an approach and framework for parish leaders to develop a great parish.

Thomas J. Sonni, president of Greater Mission Development Services, is dedicated to lifting the Church toward her greater mission potential. Mr. Sonni will draw on his extensive experience in strategic pastoral and business planning, comprehensive fund development, and ministry leadership to share a coherent set of keys for developing a dynamic, great parish.

“Great Parishes involve many people in ministry and they set standards for success toward which they continually strive. Whether celebrating liturgy or conducting ministries—such as faith formation, pastoral care, or outreach to the needy—dynamic Catholic parishes find ways to do each one very well. This creates an upward spiral effect in the life of the parish—attracting more parishioners to the parish, resulting in more gifts, enabling even greater ministry, and in turn attracting yet more parishioners.”

To view handouts from this Winter Fundraising Forum, please click HERE.

To read a Pilot column from Tom Sonni on the same topic, please click HERE.  

For a DVD recording of the presentation, please contact George Martell at The Catholic Foundation.

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